Running #stopthepressureleeds – our journey

Sarah Weaver, Ruth May and Katy Williams

Sarah Weaver, Ruth May and Katy Williams

By Sarah Weaver and Katy Williams

We are currently studying adult nursing at the University of Leeds and decided to run a Stop the Pressure (STP) event in Leeds after attending Stop the Pressure Lincoln. We were so inspired to see nursing students taking the initiative in running an event that had such a positive impact on us as nursing students.  We felt we had to do the same in our area so, we made a pledge …. and stuck to our guns!

First of all we approached the University who were amazingly supportive from the word go. We agreed the date and students were excited and interested in the conference, but many recognised the challenges of balancing such an event with final year studies.  When we decided to run the event, the academic calendar had already been set, so if we were to do something like this in future, we would maybe plan a year ahead to allow students a bit more time. In spite of this though, we had over 300 students attend and they really had great feedback on the day.

We had never undertaken anything of this scale before, but it was manageable though due to strong support from the University, the local hospital and Community Trusts and NHS Improving Quality. We felt it was really important to seek out and listen to others with experience in events organising and also those with a vested interest in preventing pressure ulcers to discover what is important to emphasise and also to identify where the gaps may be in people’s knowledge.

All and all a great success for us!



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