Person-centred Outcomes: understanding what really matters

 ‘Personalised care will only happen when statutory services recognise that patients’ own life goals are what really count’.

National Voices

The above statement appears in the NHS England 5 Year Forward View and we are currently working on developing a programme to ensure Person Centred Outcomes are a key driver in developing services

A number of Pathfinder sites were commissioned to explore and develop Patient Centred Outcome Measures appropriate in the context of healthcare for young people.  I had the pleasure of being part of the event on 17 Sept 2015 when these sites were brought together in a Learning Exchange workshop. We had a fantastic day of discussion, learning and sharing.

Part of the day gave participants an opportunity to come up with a number of topics for further exploration.  The top six themes were then discussed and developed during a World Cafe session, with lots of lively discussions and sharing of views.

The full list of all the themes raised were:

  • The power relationship between clinicians and patients
  • What is the relationship of
    • PCOMs (Person Centred Outcome Measures),
    • PCO (Person Centred Outcomes),
    • PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures),
    • PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures),
    • PDOMs (Patient Defined Outcome Measures),
    • PGOMs (Patient Generated Outcome Measures) et al
  • Technology – a broad heading that covered aspects of how to use technology, whether this could impact on social divide etc.
  • How to ensure outcome measures are robust / have academic validation?
  • Engaging with patients/carers/citizens
  • How could PCOMs be used by Commissioners?
  • How do we get clinicians to “buy-in” to this work?
  • Can PCOMs be developed without clinicians?
  • What does a PCOM look like – is it specialist or generic?
  • Outcome measures for Wellbeing
  • Aspects of diversity and equality

The NHS England 2014-16 business plan ‘Putting Patients First’, makes a commitment to focus on the needs of people in every decision by making it possible for patients to easily and regularly tell us how they feel about their treatment, and demonstrate how we are using this feedback to make improvements.

PCOMs are ‘an opportunity break new ground …. which puts patients truly at the centre and gives them a voice’.  This work is ongoing and we are developing a community of interest to continue the work and develop and explore aspects of Person Centred Outcomes.  We would love to hear your views, so please join us on twitter using #personcentredoutcomes #PCOMs

We will also be holding a tweetchat on 7 Oct 2015 at 20.30 (8.30pm) to explore:

  • What are the outcomes that are really important to people (patients, carers and citizens) and how health and care (and other sectors) contribute to these
  • Initiatives that are underway that focus on person-centred outcomes and how we can learn from and work with these sites / organisations to appreciate what works (and doesn’t).
  • How we can best work with patients, carer and professionals to co-create a movement to prioritise person-centred outcomes and consider how this might be modelled to support commissioning and service delivery
  • How we can share ideas, developments, learning and opportunities across the health and care system and beyond?

Please join us using #wecomsers.


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