Facilitated workshop in Castle Point and Rochford

Last month, as part of my new role of Delivery Support Manager for NHS Improving Quality, I co-facilitated a Long Term Conditions (LTC) Framework workshop at Castle Point and Rochford CCG.

In a nutshell, the workshop brings together stakeholders from across the health and care economy, to look at different aspects of person centred care for people with long term conditions. Each person attending provides elements of care and will see things from a different perspective – so it’s really important to get everyone’s opinion. From there, we can work together to wrap services around patients, to truly work towards person centred coordinated care.

Kevin McKenny, Director of Transformation, introduced the day, and brought us up to date with the current state of play around person centred care at Castle Point and Rochford. He then informed us how they compared to the rest of England. Some of the challenges included keeping people out of hospital and enable them to stay at home, and to provide services closer to home.

The room was split up into smaller groups, who were to look at a different element of the LTC framework. These elements were:

• Health and care professionals committed to partnership working
• Commissioning
• Engaged, informed individuals and carers
• Organisational and clinical processes.

Each group rated a series of questions on the current position, with 4 being high and 1 being low. Some really interesting discussions emerged around the questions, which were captured by the facilitators. The purpose of this was to get a good idea on what was working well in each area, and pinpoint potential areas for improvement for the future.

The results showed that some excellent procedures were in place around commissioning, and areas to maybe look more closely at included partnership working and person centred care. Again, this produced some lively discussion in the room.
I took the results and comments away, and compiled a report to capture all the outcomes of the day. This went back to Castle Point and Rochford CCG. From here, our LTC Improvement Programme team can offer bespoke support to help them achieve their goals.

I’m quite new to this role, but so far it’s very exciting. To think that your team can actually make a difference to the lives of our patients is really fulfilling. I think I’m going to like it here!

Lynnette Leman, Delivery Support Manager, Long Term Conditions


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