As of 1 November NHS Improving Quality transferred into NHS England as their new Sustainable Improvement Team. The Sustainable Improvement Team will support the health system by providing improvement and change expertise.

This will support NHS England’s business plan and urgent in-year priorities. Work outlined in the NHS Improving Quality Business Plan 2015/16 will be unaffected and delivered during this financial year.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Steve Fairman writes about High Impact Leadership. I read this with interest, as I am vry concerned at the way that long term care is being handled for cancer survivors.
    \The WHO states that British cancer survivors don’t live as long as those in Europe, in fact we are very low down on lists for all types of cancer.
    Could I suggest there is no need to go to the US; that \mr. Fairman goes to Europe and sees that could easily be copied from there?
    When I was workiing, and able to afford to go there, I found tremendous help from long term side effects of Tamoxifen (25% of us suffer from these if we took this drug). no drugs – no expesnive treatment, just common sense, which was easily adaptable for me.
    Is there a Forum of committee that might be interested in hearing what I found out about dealing with side effects such as blindness, skin problems, osteoporisis, etc. And the remedies were simple – not rocket science!

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